The Art of C.H.R.I.S.tian Ermel
The Art of C.H.R.I.S.tian Ermel



The Archetypes of Fear


An Iconographic Pantheon

Fear is power!

Fear is swoon and might!

Fear is creativity and creation!


Every idea has an opposite! And every feeling is subjektiv.

All your experience is clear energy, untill you rate them. When human consciousness enters the world, it enters duality. Duality is a symptom of existence.


As humans we have the possibility, and the responsibility, to create our own universe by using bipolarity. There is no good or bad in this world. There is just energy. And a lot of this energies causes lust or fear, or both. Like a hurricane, which is not bad, but powerful, we fear some of these forces. And the more we fear some energy, the more we try to tie it up, suppress it, or fight it. Normally....


But some of us know, that all these powers are useful and become friends, when we understand their effects and when we stop thinking, and especially feeling, in a judgemental and sentencing way.

Our human culture is too anxious to do so, but some individuals are seekers and knowers, they can handle this energies and make them friends.


We need to unban the ideas and free them.

Heal your depression!


Like every creating power is a personified god, the shadow of this energy is a god as well.

Its just a differnet way to connect the things.

All this is not new, but in times, when people go crazy because of their misunderstanding of duality, its more necessary then ever, to integrate this forces and make them useful.


The Necronom-Icons invites you to enter their gates and become familiar with the force behind the picture.


Fear is a gate to other dimensions. Fear makes things become alive. Fear is a wonderful force for magic.


All the creatures, which had been suppressed by mankind, are welcome in my world. I give them holiness.

Human fear creates devils and demons, far gods and destruktiv souleaters, and we have the mission to dissolve the captured entities with love.


Love is the law! Lets change the world. Lets pray to them. Lets be grateful and reverential, lets contact them and welcome the spirits to be part of our lifes.


Transformation by reversal, enlightening by darkness.


Long before there had been lettering there were images. Pictures talk to our soul like they come out of it.

Icons were used for adoration since people are able to create pictures or statues.

The christian orthodox church build up a policy to paint icons, and every culture has its own expression creating effigys to worship the unseen.

My Icons are in the tradition of ancient overdelivery.

Every detail has its relation to the painted god or saint, every symbol is a key, every colour is a vibration of energy.


We need to go back to our roots. We need to wake up the great gods of shadow and call them to come back from beyond the stars of our horizon.

Dehumanization is the way to freedom. We are not the crown of creation.

Humanity is just an interstage of animal and god. Let's become whole again.

Let's become humanimal gods.


Face your demons!


Enter the gates of the icons!

Fear is a god!


Let's dance!

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